RSW Winter Exhibition, November, 2018


Four works exhibited in Annual winter show. Travelled with family to Edinburgh for the opening and then attended Words on Canvas event on 29th November. This annual event allows members of a writers’ group, based in and around Edinburgh, to explore themes suggested by the exhibits in the RSW. Two writers chose one of my watercolours – Autumn Stubble, Denlethen – as their subject: Mary Johnston and Susan Grant who wrote works entitled Autumn Field Edge and Slow The Plough.

Slow The Plough

Between its spurts of growth
the old Earth wants to hang on to
its stubble; yearns for a longer sleep,
for gentle hooves of slow deliberation,
the single ploughshare cut.
But earth yields
to Man’s bitter sprinklings
on its corded furrows;
responds as ever, cradling seeds
till shoots are strong and green.

As the year wanes fields again will flaunt
great rolls and swathes of gold brocade…
Wheat spears, barley brushes
and the quaking drips
of oaten tears.